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Take Part | Discovering Old Stock : A Guide | Workshops | Talkback Q&As

Take Part……

The UK tour of Old Stock, A Refugee Love Story offers a range of ways to take part, explore and discuss the themes, creative process and the world of 2b theatre company.

Alongside seeing the show, you can delve deeper through:

● Discovering Old Stock : A Guide
● Talkback Q&As
● Workshops for your group, school or college

To enquire about any of these Take Part activities, please contact your local venue or education@dtptours.co.uk

Discovering Old Stock : A Guide

This guide is for all audiences interested in exploring the themes, inspirations and creatives processes behind Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story. Of particular interest to teachers and students of Theatre, Music, Performing Arts, Politics, English, RE and Media, studying at secondary, tertiary and graduate level.

The Guide has been created to evoke thoughts, discussion and learning around the themes, historic and current events which inspired 2b theatre company to create and tour this production. It can be used both by students and audiences alike, either before the show or as a follow up to reflect on the production and subject matter.

Within the pack are questions and creative tasks to help stimulate thoughts and additional topics for discussion around how the show makes you feel and reflect upon ways this mirrors the world we live in today. The processes, form and styles used in the creation and performance of Old Stock make this an ideal production to explore alongside a number of key syllabus including:

● KS4 & KS5 English
● KS4 Citizenship programmes of study
● AQA GCSE & A Level Drama & Theatre
● BTECH Performing Arts; Music & Music Theatre

The themes and inspiration for the production provide additional stimulus for discussion & research for those studying or interested in:

● Creative Writing
● History
● Music History
● Philosophy, Religion & Ethics
● Government & Politics
● Sociology
● Media Studies
● Citizenship and Wellbeing


There are a very limited number of Company-led workshops available [one per venue] on a first come first served basis. There are two workshop options to choose from:

1. Rhythms in Every Day

Led by cast member Jamie Kronick

This workshop will demonstrate how simple, common rhythms in everyday life can be manipulated into complex and imaginative sounds. Suitable for: Participants with a keen interest in music and performing, particularly in percussion and composition. This can include music and theatre students KS3 and above

-- OR --

2. ITM Alexander Technique

Led by cast member Mary Fay Coady

This Introductory Workshop in the ITM Alexander Technique offers students the opportunity to investigate the way they think and the way they move in relation to their work as a performer. Suitable for: Students of age Key Stage 4 or above, studying drama and performing arts

To enquire about a workshop, please contact your local venue or education@dtptours.co.uk

Talkback Q&As

Taking place after the first performance at each venue

These Q&As seek to create a friendly space for audiences to meet with members of the company, share feedback as well as offering a platform for wider discussion around the social, political and humanitarian themes explored in the show.

  • “Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story my favourite thing so far.”
  • “An absolute masterclass in song and storytelling”
  • “just brilliant!”
  • “Highly recommend #OldStock”
  • “Virtuosic performances, sparse, beautiful, hilarious script about immigration, death and love, and a travelling circus of a set”
  • “absolutely outstanding, hilarious, heartfelt and ingenious”
  • “Each @EdFringe you hope for a stand out show: Old Stock. Spectacular in so many ways”
  • “#OldStock by @2btheatre @canadahubfringe is unmissable!”
  • Well done @bencaplanmusic with the brilliant! #oldstock So moving and fun #fringefestival
  • Well done @bencaplanmusic with the brilliant! #oldstock So moving and fun #fringefestival
  • Loved #OldStock by @2btheatre at @canadahubfringe @Summerhallery very moving, funny and surprisingly dirty. Very Powerful.🔥🔥🔥
  • Saw Old Stock @2btheatre +No Show @ellie_dubois Both Brilliant Both Bold Both @heraldscotland #HeraldAngel winners-like our own #LittleDevil
  • Blown away and moved tonight by #OldStock @2btheatre @bencaplanmusic - an incredible and beautiful piece of theatre that must be seen. -CN
  • Blown away and moved tonight by #OldStock @2btheatre @bencaplanmusic - an incredible and beautiful piece of theatre that must be seen. -CN
  • Old Stock from @2btheatre tonight was incredible, an absolute #edfringe must-see
  • Only 3 words needed for #OldStock at this years @edfringe ...GO & SEE!!! @2btheatre
  • Still in shock the morning after. Nothing I say can live up to @2btheatre 's 'Old Stock: A Refugee Story'. GO & SEE THIS SHOW. #EdFringe17
  • #OldStock by @2btheatre with @bencaplanmusic is a very special show. History + trauma laid out in a music box. Compelling and feeling.
  • Absolutely enthralled by @bencaplanmusic's OLD STOCK: A REFUGEE LOVE STORY. One of my all time favourite fringe shows. Unmissable #edfringe
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  • Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story, starring @bencaplanmusic. Best thing you'll see this year!!
  • Saw #Oldstock by @bencaplanmusic and friends, part of @canadahubfringe at #EdFringe17 . Perfect light and dark, brilliant performances.
  • @2btheatre @canadahubfringe a coupla night ago. Wowzer what a musical energetic poignant ride this is. Great perfs.
  • Having just seen Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story at @canadahubfringe I cannot recommend it enough. Absolutely magnificient.
  • Well done @bencaplanmusic with the brilliant! #oldstock So moving and fun #fringefestival

PRESS: For all interview requests and press enquires please contact Michael Eppy michael@michaelppypr.com or 07825 837274

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2b theatre company is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, Arts Nova Scotia, and the city of Halifax. Thanks to the Nova Scotia Department of Communities, Culture, and Heritage for their support of this show and of arts and culture in Nova Scotia. Thanks to The Citadel Theatre and the Theatre Arts Residency program at Banff Centre for their contributions to the development of Old Stock, and to our co-production partners at the National Arts Centre. UK tour funded by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and Canada Council for the Arts, with support from the High Commission of Canada and produced by DTP.
Photos by Stoo Metz Photography and Fadi Acra.

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