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"The upbeat joys of Jewish music and the very sobering facts of life for many who made it come together in this excellent, innovative offering."
Leamington Observer
“playful, mysterious, brave and astonishingly captivating" … “The music, the vocal performances and musicianship are all excellent here – emotionally engaging, visually stunning and at 80 minutes leaves us still wanting more.”
Musical Theatre Review
“Christian Barry's production for the Nova Scotia based 2b Theatre Company is a joy [...] a thing of raw and unmissable beauty”
Herald Scotland
“this is an important play executed with breath-taking brilliance”
Gillian Bain, Broadway Baby
“...the Old Stock experience becomes irresistible, borne along on a tide of brilliant klezmer music and original song that links us to an old world, and helps us to live joyfully in a new one.”
Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman
“without doubt one of the best [...] showcases how expressive, sentimental and engaging musical theatre can be.”
The Wee Review
“a thrilling, enlightening ride”
David Kettle, The List
“A work of mingled genres and strong flavors… mixes bitter herbs with apples and honey.”
New York Times
“This is not the kind of piece that waits for an invitation to enter. It’s cavorting to spry klezmer as soon as the house lights dim and it rarely loses its sense of madcap urgency.”
New York Times
“Darkly funny and moving...it is hard to imagine a more apt time for a production with so clear a moral centre”
The New Yorker
Time Out NY
“The deft direction by Christian Barry keeps the journey fluid, never wasting a glance or movement to communicate an emotion. Playwright Hannah Moscovitch presents a script that is clear, concise and colored with empathy but never sentimental.”
“This is a not-to-be-missed theatrical event everyone should behold”
“a hugely engaging experience”
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian
“Deeply moving”
Theatre Pizzazz
“One of the Best Musicals of the year”
Back on the Block
“Poetic, wrenching, unexpectedly tender…”
Woman Around Town
“[Ben Caplan] is a deliciously boisterous leader with a physical persona like Tom Waits and a shrewd, bombastic artistic voice”
“Compelling storytelling and outstanding music… See this remarkable show while you can.”
Broadway World
“Full of soft humor, sweet joy, dark despair, and blessed hope.”
Talkin’ Broadway
“Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story is that rarity, a show that defies genre yet sweeps you up in emotional storytelling… A superbly performed melting pot of musical theater, play-with-music, and concert”
“Old Stock is full of wonder and charm”
“The Wanderer (a captivating Ben Caplan) is the soul, casting a spell that captures your emotions, sneaks into your heart, shrouding it with sadness and then leaves you filled with joy ready to celebrate the human spirit…He is mesmerizing”
“a stunning vocal performance”
Natasha Tripney, The Stage
“Exuberant - and tender...The storytelling is mesmeric, stripped down, unsentimental”
Naomi Paul, Fringe Review
“Compelling performances and an impeccable script”
The Coast, Halifax
“Dazzling […] Conceptually and visually innovative […] impossible not to be swept up in the infectious energy […] a unique and thought provoking hybrid musical experience”
Andrea Nemitz, Local Xpress, Halifax
“2b theatre company have created an extraordinary piece of theatre […] a cautionary tale that resonates in today’s unsettled times”
Lynn Saxberg, Ottawa Citizen
  • “Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story my favourite thing so far.”
  • “An absolute masterclass in song and storytelling”
  • “just brilliant!”
  • “Highly recommend #OldStock”
  • “Virtuosic performances, sparse, beautiful, hilarious script about immigration, death and love, and a travelling circus of a set”
  • “absolutely outstanding, hilarious, heartfelt and ingenious”
  • “Each @EdFringe you hope for a stand out show: Old Stock. Spectacular in so many ways”
  • “#OldStock by @2btheatre @canadahubfringe is unmissable!”
  • Well done @bencaplanmusic with the brilliant! #oldstock So moving and fun #fringefestival
  • Well done @bencaplanmusic with the brilliant! #oldstock So moving and fun #fringefestival
  • Loved #OldStock by @2btheatre at @canadahubfringe @Summerhallery very moving, funny and surprisingly dirty. Very Powerful.🔥🔥🔥
  • Saw Old Stock @2btheatre +No Show @ellie_dubois Both Brilliant Both Bold Both @heraldscotland #HeraldAngel winners-like our own #LittleDevil
  • Blown away and moved tonight by #OldStock @2btheatre @bencaplanmusic - an incredible and beautiful piece of theatre that must be seen. -CN
  • Blown away and moved tonight by #OldStock @2btheatre @bencaplanmusic - an incredible and beautiful piece of theatre that must be seen. -CN
  • Old Stock from @2btheatre tonight was incredible, an absolute #edfringe must-see
  • Only 3 words needed for #OldStock at this years @edfringe ...GO & SEE!!! @2btheatre
  • Still in shock the morning after. Nothing I say can live up to @2btheatre 's 'Old Stock: A Refugee Story'. GO & SEE THIS SHOW. #EdFringe17
  • #OldStock by @2btheatre with @bencaplanmusic is a very special show. History + trauma laid out in a music box. Compelling and feeling.
  • Absolutely enthralled by @bencaplanmusic's OLD STOCK: A REFUGEE LOVE STORY. One of my all time favourite fringe shows. Unmissable #edfringe
  • Highly recommend @2btheatre 's Old Stock @Summerhallery for Tom Waits/Hadestown fans. @bencaplanmusic is magnetic + the design is excellent.
  • Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story, starring @bencaplanmusic. Best thing you'll see this year!!
  • Saw #Oldstock by @bencaplanmusic and friends, part of @canadahubfringe at #EdFringe17 . Perfect light and dark, brilliant performances.
  • @2btheatre @canadahubfringe a coupla night ago. Wowzer what a musical energetic poignant ride this is. Great perfs.
  • Having just seen Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story at @canadahubfringe I cannot recommend it enough. Absolutely magnificient.
  • Well done @bencaplanmusic with the brilliant! #oldstock So moving and fun #fringefestival

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2b theatre company is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, Arts Nova Scotia, and the city of Halifax. Thanks to the Nova Scotia Department of Communities, Culture, and Heritage for their support of this show and of arts and culture in Nova Scotia. Thanks to The Citadel Theatre and the Theatre Arts Residency program at Banff Centre for their contributions to the development of Old Stock, and to our co-production partners at the National Arts Centre. UK tour funded by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and Canada Council for the Arts, with support from the High Commission of Canada and produced by DTP.
Photos by Stoo Metz Photography and Fadi Acra.