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About the Show

DTP presents 2b theatre company

OLD STOCK: A Refugee Love Story

created by Hannah Moscovitch, Ben Caplan, & Christian Barry

OLD STOCK: A refugee Love Story is a humorously darkly folktale woven together with a high-energy concert.

This Klezmer-folk music-theatre hybrid starring genre-bending sensation Ben Caplan is inspired by the true stories of two Jewish Romanian refugees immigrating to Canada in 1908.

It's about how to love after being broken by the horrors of war. It's about refugees who get out before it's too late, and those who get out after it's too late. And it's about looking into the eyes of God.

Written by acclaimed Canadian playwright Hannah Moscovitch and winner of the Herald Angel Award and Scotsman Fringe First, OLD STOCK: A Refugee Love Story thrilled audiences at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2017 and is touring the UK following a hugely successful run in New York, Edmonton in Canada and Mayfest in Bristol.

Based in Halifax, Canada, internationally-acclaimed 2b theatre company’s director Christian Barry worked with Hannah Moscovitch and Ben Caplan to create a show inspired by the real life story of Moscovitch’s great-grandparents, immigrating to Canada in the early twentieth century, viewed through the historical lens of Jewish immigrants a hundred years ago. And it’s a love story, albeit one with its fair share of loss.

Photos by Stoo Metz, Fadi Acra and Graeme Braidthwaite


Pogrom is a Russian word meaning to wreak havoc and destroy violently. The word is most commonly used to reference brutal attacks on Jewish people between 1881-1921 in Russia and Eastern Europe. These mob attacks wiped out entire Jewish communities. As the pogroms became more frequent, millions of Jews were forced to leave their homes in search of safety. The Holocaust is often referred to as “The Last Pogrom”.

By WWI, Canada’s Jewish population was over 100,000. While Canada was a new home, many Jewish refugees were met with antisemitism and continued marginalisation.

Over the next hundred years Canada would accept thousands of refugees escaping war and persecution from places such as Hungary, Chile, Uganda, Vietnam, and the former Yugoslavia.

Today, Canada is settling refugees from conflict zones including the Middle East and North Africa. Unfortunately, Islamophobia and xenophobic attitudes are still alive and well in Canada making the transition even more difficult for refugees from these areas.

  • “Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story my favourite thing so far.”
  • “An absolute masterclass in song and storytelling”
  • “just brilliant!”
  • “Highly recommend #OldStock”
  • “Virtuosic performances, sparse, beautiful, hilarious script about immigration, death and love, and a travelling circus of a set”
  • “absolutely outstanding, hilarious, heartfelt and ingenious”
  • “Each @EdFringe you hope for a stand out show: Old Stock. Spectacular in so many ways”
  • “#OldStock by @2btheatre @canadahubfringe is unmissable!”
  • Well done @bencaplanmusic with the brilliant! #oldstock So moving and fun #fringefestival
  • Well done @bencaplanmusic with the brilliant! #oldstock So moving and fun #fringefestival
  • Loved #OldStock by @2btheatre at @canadahubfringe @Summerhallery very moving, funny and surprisingly dirty. Very Powerful.🔥🔥🔥
  • Saw Old Stock @2btheatre +No Show @ellie_dubois Both Brilliant Both Bold Both @heraldscotland #HeraldAngel winners-like our own #LittleDevil
  • Blown away and moved tonight by #OldStock @2btheatre @bencaplanmusic - an incredible and beautiful piece of theatre that must be seen. -CN
  • Blown away and moved tonight by #OldStock @2btheatre @bencaplanmusic - an incredible and beautiful piece of theatre that must be seen. -CN
  • Old Stock from @2btheatre tonight was incredible, an absolute #edfringe must-see
  • Only 3 words needed for #OldStock at this years @edfringe ...GO & SEE!!! @2btheatre
  • Still in shock the morning after. Nothing I say can live up to @2btheatre 's 'Old Stock: A Refugee Story'. GO & SEE THIS SHOW. #EdFringe17
  • #OldStock by @2btheatre with @bencaplanmusic is a very special show. History + trauma laid out in a music box. Compelling and feeling.
  • Absolutely enthralled by @bencaplanmusic's OLD STOCK: A REFUGEE LOVE STORY. One of my all time favourite fringe shows. Unmissable #edfringe
  • Highly recommend @2btheatre 's Old Stock @Summerhallery for Tom Waits/Hadestown fans. @bencaplanmusic is magnetic + the design is excellent.
  • Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story, starring @bencaplanmusic. Best thing you'll see this year!!
  • Saw #Oldstock by @bencaplanmusic and friends, part of @canadahubfringe at #EdFringe17 . Perfect light and dark, brilliant performances.
  • @2btheatre @canadahubfringe a coupla night ago. Wowzer what a musical energetic poignant ride this is. Great perfs.
  • Having just seen Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story at @canadahubfringe I cannot recommend it enough. Absolutely magnificient.
  • Well done @bencaplanmusic with the brilliant! #oldstock So moving and fun #fringefestival

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2b theatre company is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, Arts Nova Scotia, and the city of Halifax. Thanks to the Nova Scotia Department of Communities, Culture, and Heritage for their support of this show and of arts and culture in Nova Scotia. Thanks to The Citadel Theatre and the Theatre Arts Residency program at Banff Centre for their contributions to the development of Old Stock, and to our co-production partners at the National Arts Centre. UK tour funded by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and Canada Council for the Arts, with support from the High Commission of Canada and produced by DTP.
Photos by Stoo Metz Photography and Fadi Acra.